Friday, November 21, 2014

Think about it....

Apologies to readers not ridiculously obsessed Serial....I need to get a life.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Patience with the patient

Someone is still a sickie pants, but I'm becoming much more sympathetic.  It's pretty clear, always has been, that he's genuinely feeling ill and not just being a bitchy little attention whore.  I'd slap him if that were the case :)

I will be patient and:
-Understanding when he is not as proactive about wanting to see me, although we've seen each other 5 times in the 10 days since he's had surgery so I can't actually complain
-Calm when has to make day-of decisions to attend events
-Aware that he does care about me, and I do not need constant reassurance of this (this what therapy is for)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Best Buy parking lot

Serial.  If you're not listening to the most gripping podcast ever, I suggest you do it right now.  Jump on the bandwagon.  Get sucked in.  It's worth it, I promise you.

Yesterday, while standing at a corner waiting for the light to change, two Zuckerberg-types in hoodies were passionately discussing "the 2:36pm call"  Listeners, you know what I mean by this and by the blog title.

And then for kicks, listen to this hilarious parody.

Friday, November 7, 2014

About a boot

Well, crazy update to my last post regarding surgeries!  I went to a new orthopedic surgeon today regarding my foot.  Background is that I used be a runner, ran ~50 miles a week, and also walked everywhere.  One day, I thought I stepped on a small stone, and the ball of my foot hurt in that spot for awhile.

3 months later, I to a sports injury doctor who thought I had a Morton's neuroma.  Before doing surgery, we decided to see if it would heal itself.  For the next 3 years, I wore only orthopedic shoes, insoles, and a pad in my arch to alleviate pressure on the metatarsal.  I also iced 20 minutes a day.

After multiple MRIs and two painful cortisone shots, I gave up for a year.  I continued with the shoes and icing, and continued to wear my foot down with activity.  Having a very high pain threshold is a blessing and a curse!

Fast forward to today, the new doctor read my MRI charts and informed that I do not have a neuroma and do not need surgery.  Instead, I have a stress fracture and fluid in my tendons.  I need to wear a nice post-op boot for at least 3 months.  And if that doesn't fix the pain, then I'll have to go on crutches.

So, not the best diagnosis, but it's not surgery!  And that makes me feel better.  In the meantime, I'm scoping out boots on Amazon.  Thinking of either this one or this.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let's get surgical

The big thing currently on my mind right:  surgery.  Exciting, right?  I know some of my lovely blog friends are dealing with various injuries (A and Danielle).  Meanwhile, BF had surgery today in hopes of curing his persistent illness. 

Both of these are an ever-present reminder of my own health.  There’s two surgeries I have put off for years, and really ought to take care of.  However, I’m terrified to do so for one very silly reason:  I’d need someone to take care of me.  Someone to at least get me home in my drugged state.  

Although I'm strong and independent,  I do not believe it personal failure to ask for help.  There's only so much I can do myself.  But relying on someone is a jarring reminder that I'm alone.  My family lives 2000 miles away.  My friends are amazing, but I'd hate to burden them.  

BF has mentioned many times that he’d take care of me if I got surgery.  I know he’d do an amazing job.  But this is brand-new territory, relying on someone who isn't family for something major.  

All the silly thoughts plague my mind, like what if I schedule surgery and then suddenly we break up?  What if I schedule surgery at a time that’s really inconvenient for him?  What if painkillers and anesthesia make me a crazy-ass bitch?

Oh well, if everything else fails, I can always use TaskRabbit!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Welcome to the Thunder Dome

Ever wanted to enter a fighting arena called the Thunder Dome, strap into a bungee sling, and use a foam jousting stick to beat the bejeezus out of your boyfriend?    Because that's what I did on Halloween.

I file that under #alcoholhappened.  The boy was a good sport for putting up with a crowd that kept booing him for not hitting me hard enough.  What a gentleman!

Halloween was a booze-filled event, at a warehouse party which can only be classified as "Burning Man does Halloween."  I consequently spent Saturday in bed nursing a headache, consoling myself that I'll have some great stories for my grandchildren one day.

Oh and because I'm a decade older than I behave, my quads and neck are sore.

No seriously, I did this

Monday, October 27, 2014

Back to reality

You know you're getting old (nearing 32!) when you can count on two hands the number of people you went to high school or college with that are on spouse #2.  The latest is a mere 29 year-old divorcee who just got engaged to her boyfriend of 6 months.

In real life, I'm finally overcoming jet lag and seeing friends.  On Saturday, a large chunk of my urban family got together to catch up before the World Series game and before their menfolk arrived. I ducked out in favor of Netflix. 

My 'manfolk' and I got together Sunday for the first time since we returned from vacation to watch the World Series.  He's a die-hard fan, and while I've never liked baseball, I do love spirit.  So I faithfully donned orange and cheered on the Giants.

I can't believe Halloween is Friday.  But before that happens, must get through the World Series and a work trip to Denver. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Barf boat

Santorini is breathtaking and everything I expected it to be!  Our group whittled from 9 to 4, it's a bit more relaxed.  And "soooo romantic" as we all keep joking in a cheesy voice.

I've discovered that BF, like me, can't talk about romance without getting embarrassed and then covering it up with a joke.  Like when we watched the sunset, he recited a flowery love poem (that he'd memorized years ago for a class) which caused me to cry with laughter.

The boat ride from Crete was another ridiculous moment.  For three hours, we listened to dozens of passengers retch with seasickness.  Luckily our group was fine, but vomit noises was not the ideal soundtrack.  

Things with BF are fine, given the rigors of spending ten days together.  I had one major moment of crankiness, and BF was sweet about it, when he had every right to be annoyed at my random moodiness.  Traveling together overseas is definitely a good way to figure out if you can deal with someone... I've lost friends over it!

Friday, October 17, 2014


Greece has been an adventure, and I don't just mean a 17km (10 mile) steep downhill hike into Europe's biggest gorge!  

Traveling with 8 others has its challenges, especially when they're all your boyfriend's friends.  Fortunately there's been no major drama and I am trying to remain patient with others' quirks and travel styles.  

We're staying in a gorgeous villa on Crete, driving around in a 9-passenger party van, drinking wine, and eating bread and feta. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's going to get crazy

This weekend will likely be one of the craziest I've had in a long time.  Lots of exciting things, which means lots of things to stress me out :)

Friday night:  Wedding of a former co-worker, a formal affair at a fancy mansion 2 hours outside of the city.  There's 6 of us friends attending, no plus ones invited.

Saturday afternoon/night:  Wedding #2, one of BF's friends, about an hour outside of San Francisco.  This is an Indian wedding and ought to be a party.

Sunday afternoon:  17 hours of flying to Greece with BF.... and 6 of his friends.  His friends are fun and welcoming, and I could hold my own with just about any group, but it's intimidating.

Until then, just trying to wrap things up and take care of all the typical feminine errands like nails, waxing, and hair color.

Zoom zoom.