Thursday, January 10, 2013

We're on a break

 I'm taking a therapist-recommended dating hiatus.  I'm not sure what it entails, but I get to make the rules.
  1. Only log into OkCupid to see incoming messages; no sending messages preemptively
  2. Do not go out with a guy who doesn't ask properly.  Since Sanfranista wondered what I mean, it's showing respect for my time.  "Hey Sabrina, what are you doing next Friday, would you like to have coffee?"  It does not mean an 11pm text asking if I want to meet up.  
  3. No approaching men at parties and bars
  4. Staying in on a Saturday night is not condemning me to a life of spinsterhood. I am not missing the opportunity to meet my potential husband.  Keep reminding myself that.   
  5. No drunk texting, which easy enough since everyone's deleted from my phone
Funny Flirting Ecard: I know I'm single Doesn't mean I'm available.


  1. Right on. Also, anyone who gets all pissy because you already have plans (ie: weren't waiting on pins and needles for him to ask you out) isn't worthy of a date from you (IMO). #3 made me LOL.

  2. Good for you. If anything it will help with your perspective on the whole dating thing.

    Trust me, nobody ever died from staying home on a Saturday night ;)

  3. Exactly, Ash - staying home on a Sat night will save me $ and empty calories (in which I do not count chocolate or baguettes) :)

    Obx - guys have gotten so spoiled by women willing to see them last-min! Not this girl.

  4. Yeah just think of all the money you'll save!!!

  5. Dating hiatus is great! It's imporant to take time out to relax and think.

  6. I kind of love staying home on saturday nights, LOL. However, I think I may have veered too far in the antisocial direction lately. ;)

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  8. I recommend getting rid of all online dating.. Give it a break for a couple of months.. You might not realize how depressing it is while you are part of the "movement." I made it a point to shamelessly flirt with at least 3 men daily.. Make other goals to replace your online dating.. It will definately make you happier in the long run..


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